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Company Liquidation

Company Liquidation or Dissolution of a Company 1. File Notice of Intention to Liquidate/Dissolve 2. File Articles of Dissolution 3. File Court order Dissolution


Vocational Registration

1. Register company to Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training 2. Declaration on staff movement 3. Physical checkup-Cambodian/Foreigner 4. Cambodian Employment Book (Work Book) 5…


Tax Return Filing

Monthly Tax Return Review and prepare documents Declare accounting report to tax office Annual Tax Return Annual settlement of accounts Declare accounting report to tax…


Business Registration

Company Registration Tax Registration License (Relevant ministries, if required)

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value-added tax (VAT) is a tax on consumer expenditure. It is collected on business transactions and imports. Most business transactions involve the supply of goods or services and VAT is payable if the supplies : 
 - are made in the Kingdom of Cambodia;
 - are made by a taxable person;
 - are made in the course or furtherance of a business; and
 - are not specifically non-taxable or zero-rated.
 Supplies which are made in the Kingdom of Cambodia which are not non-taxable are called taxable supplies.
 A taxable person is an individual, partnership, corporation, etc which is or is required to be registered for VAT. Certain categories of persons and a person who makes taxable supplies above certain value limits are required to be registered. 
 Supplies are outside the scope of the tax if they are :
 - made by someone who is not a taxable person; or
 - not made in the course or furtherance of business.

Bookkeeping, often called record keeping, is the part of accounting that records transactions and business events in the form of journal entries in the accounting system.


Latest News

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Administrator Recruiting

Job Title : Administrator Function : Administrator Hiring : 1 Male or Female Working Time : 8:30-12:…


Taxpayer Incentives Clarified

In December last year, the Ministry of Economy and Finance issued Prakas 1536 which provided a table…


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