We have been established Mall of Japan Pte. Ltd., in Singapore to invest developing country in Southeast Asia. Also we have Branch of MALL OF JAPAN PTE. LTD., in Cambodia  specialize in The domestic real estate and Financial Institution investment, support our subsidiary company MJ Accounting Service Co., Ltd., as the Accounting&Consultant services business.


Corporate Name: Mall of Japan Pte. Ltd(Singapore Head office)

Legal Type: Private Limited Company

Singapore office address:8 Robinson Road, #14-00 ASO Building, Singapore 048544

TEL: +855 61 887 752


Founder: Tomoaki Kobayashi

Company History:

Established MALL OF JAPAN PTE. LTD., in Singapore in January 2015.

Established Branch of MALL OF JAPAN PTE. LTD., in Cambodia in November 2015.

Established MJ ACCOUNTING SERVICE CO., LTD. in Cambodia in May 2016.

Total investment:

$11,200,000(¥1,288,000,000)As overseas Investment by MALL OF JAPAN PTE.LTD. (As of October 2017)

 $5,800,000(667,000,000円)As Cambodian Financial Institution Investment by Branch of MALL OF JAPAN PTE.LTD. (As of July 2017)

Services: Business and Management Consultancy, Investment business, Support for Foreign Corporate to advanced overseas, Accounting service.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.